By contacting our studio in any way possible , you will receive detailed information about our company and how we differ from other studios. We will also tell you how to build work on a project, what its cost is made up of, how much time it will take to develop it and arrange a meeting,, london interior design | residential interior design london | Interior design concept for modern luxury home in London | Hotel interior design project in London.

- First meeting (acquaintance) 

The first meeting is usually held in the studio’s office, here we will introduce you to different types of projects, in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, we will discuss all your wishes for a future interior with a cup of coffee, and we will focus on a possible redevelopment and timing of the project, Interior design concept for modern home in London | Interior design project for a classic house in London | Modern house interior design concept in London | Interior design hotel concept in London | Classic house interior design concept in London | Interior design concept for a clothes shop in London

- Our company has a strictly contractual relationship. All our promises: the cost, timing and composition of the project and other conditions, we always fix in the contract, Luxury home interior design project in London | Beauty salon interior design concept in London | Modern beauty salon interior design in London | Interior design for a classic luxury restaurant in London | Interior design beauty salon project in London

- You can familiarize yourself with the contract template here  four Technical task With the signing of the contract, you, together with the designer, fill out a detailed technical task, which reflects all the wishes of the customer, for example - how many rooms must be provided, what is their functional purpose of the premises, what kind of filling is planned and much more, Classic interior design apartment in London | Terrace restaurant interior design in London | Interior design classic luxury home concept in London | Mediterranean style interior design restaurant in London | Classic house project in London.

- The designer travels to the object at a time convenient for you and makes a complete measurement of the object and photofixation of all the necessary nodes and communications. 

- Planning decision 
After measurement, the designer will offer you several planning decisions for discussion . After you consider all the options, amendments, additions and changes are made and as a result, the only planning solution that suits you and suits all parameters is born. 

- Concept development 
The second key design phase. Before proceeding with the selection of finishing materials, furniture and equipment, we will determine the direction and develop a concept for the future interior, Contemporary style interior design home in London | Luxury contemporary style interior design home in London | Project for a classic style home in London | Contemporary interior design project house in London | Classic style interior design house in London | Modern home interior design concept in London.

Let's make a selection of examples of interiors from magazines, catalogs. We perform light hand-drawn sketches of some details defining the interior.
The concept will reflect the main elements of the interior being developed: style, color scheme, form of furniture, key details. eight Selection of materials At this stage, all the necessary finishing materials are selected , together with the designer you will visit the stores and showrooms of our suppliers, Interior design project classic house in London | Interior design project modern house in London | Classic interior design home concept in London.

We will offer furniture, sanitary ware, tiles, lighting equipment, floor and wall coverings suitable in style, cost and other parameters .
- 3D visualization
After the concept is defined, all the key components of the project are selected and the main section of the drawings is done, we begin to create 3D visualization, the process is not simple and not quick, but it always gives a clear understanding of what your future interior will be like.
The visualization is ready, all materials have been selected, the budget has been calculated, it’s time to put all this into the drawings and draw up according to all company standards, Classic luxurious home interior design in London | Classic style interior design project home in London | Luxurious classic interior design home project in London

 At this stage, the designer makes final changes to the drawings, prepares specifications, checks all openings, nodes and sections and submits the project for verification eleven, Luxury interior design.

Project completion. 
-So the project is ready, together with the designer you will go through all its sections once again and discuss the implementation details and possible next steps.
The first stage is behind, you are prepared for the construction work, you can imagine exactly what your future interior will turn out to be and fully imagine the budget for future expenses.
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